G&P Claims & Contracts

G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd is a part of the G&P Professionals Group which provides contractual consultancy services to the building and construction industry.

This service provides the whole range of the engineering and construction procurement process commencing with tendering, through contract administration to account finalization, including of course dispute avoidance and resolution.

G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd has personnel who are qualified and experienced in civil engineering, construction, and law.

Since its inception in 2005, G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd has been involved in the administration of contracts and disputes avoidance for the construction of a deep basement car park founded on bored piles, the construction of a very elaborate major state of the art state government legislative building, remote data collection and communication system, and numerous other construction projects.

G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd has also occasionally been engaged to draft contracts and sub-contracts for some very prestigious or highly specialized works including for a project for over a billion ringgit and also provides (jointly with lawyers) arbitration and litigation support.

G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd‘s clients’ list includes three KLSE First Board listed contractors althoughG&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd is occasionally called upon to provide input to developers.

G&P Claims & Contracts Sdn Bhd collaborates with axiom consultant sdn bhd. This collaboration brings to both consultancies’ clients access to the breadth and depth of a five persons’ claims and contracts team with expertise in arbitration support, delay analysis and quantification, and claims quantification.

Visitors to this website are encouraged to view and download the papers presented by its director at some very major seminars.

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