Kuala Lumpur, 4 March 2020. The Tan Sri Haji Yusoff Prize, IEM outstanding technical paper 2020 was won by our senior director, Ir. Liew Shaw Shong  for his paper entitled “Common Blind Spots in Ground Investigation, Design, Construction, Performance Monitoring and Feedbacks in Geotechnical Engineering”, presented in a lecture for 50th Anniversary Symposium of SEAGS

Congratulations to Dato’ Ir. Dr. Gue See Sew for being accepted to the grade of Fellow of Engineers Australia and Ir. Dr. Tan Yean Chin for being accepted as Chartered Member of Engineers Australia 2020.

Congratulations to Ir. Dr. Tan Yean Chin for being registered as Foreign Professional Engineer (RFPE) in Cambodia.

G&P Professionals company profile has been featured in the latest issue of Asia Outlook Magazine.

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